Mountain Trekking In Nepal – 3 Tips

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If you’re into rock climbing or bird watching, on a small budget or get money to employ porters and guides, you can always find a proper trekking route in Nepal. A visit to the Nepal Himalayas is a wonderful experience for the majority of us, offering views of snow-capped mountain peaks and also an opportunity to fulfill native mountain people who reside nearly cut off from the rest of the planet.

All that’s required of you is that you like walking into the character. You overlook ‘t need to be super healthy for each and every trek, however the better form you’re in, the simpler your trek will be. The very best season for hiking in Nepal is October-November and February-April. In summer time that the monsoon clouds obscure the expansive views the majority of the time and in summer time that the mountain passes are closed by hefty snow-fall. However, with the perfect expertise, you could always find a good trek in Nepal. Just look at this now to obtain a summary of your options.

Nepal’s Western Area

1. Simikot, Humla

You are able to fly from Nepalganj and possibly read –Spy onto the roof of this entire world — from Sydney Wignall before you go. Permits are 90$ /person /week.

2. Rara Lake

4 days walk away from Jumla to the greatest lake in Nepal. Getting to Jumla however is a plane/helicopter excursion or a few days long jeep ride on a mountain road that’s still under construction — and will be for almost any foreseeable future.

3. Upper Dolpo

To begin with, watch the movie –Himalayan Caravan – L’Enfance d’un chef– (Eric Valli 1999, Oscar nominated). It’s compulsory! May want to pick up one of the novels too. Having completed that, you will want to go to the Phoksundo Lake, which you can do in one week or as an element of the 15 day Dolpa Experience Circuit or the 20 day Dolpa Heritage Trek, all from Juphal –airport. Another few one-weeks would be the Sundaha Nature Trek along with the Sahartara Tour. Expensive license are needed, as in Upper Mustang its $70 /person /day with minimal 10 days. No lodges. Annual number of people is in the low hundreds.

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