The Miniature Painting Tools You Need To Make Your Job Easier

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If you need or would like to paint the head or tail of your miniature, you need to have the correct tools. If you would like to complete the project properly, you need more than only a brush and some paint. I’m a firm believer in having the ideal tools for miniature painting service. I’ve started a number of projects and never had the ideal tools. These jobs took me twice as long and didn’t come out looking as good as they might have. What about the ideal tools?

Paint Sprayer: Can you have a base miniature to paint? You could think about a paint sprayer. These come in various styles and dimensions. You may also rent one from the regional hardware shop. This would save a little cost out of going out and buying the whole kit. Additionally, the products offered for lease will be for industrial use, so the likely hood of issues using a “cheap” version is reduced.

Ladder: Size and kind is dependent on the height of this miniature to be painted. I like a lightweight aluminum 6 foot for almost all of my paint jobs.

Stain: Truly used on miniatures and fences and moldings you wish to accent.

With just a little preparation and some groundwork, your miniature painting service ought to go along very easily. So, go out there and paint like Picasso! Only don’t cut your ear off.

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